Experience excellence and durability with Lion Garage Door custom steel roll-up doors, meticulously designed for Richmond businesses. Crafted from galvanized, grade E hardened steel, these doors offer enduring strength and reliability against diverse elements, ensuring secure and adaptable solutions for the unique requirements of your Richmond-based business.

Pioneering Excellence in Steel Roll-Up Doors

Empowering Spaces: Our Commitment to Quality

"Innovative Solutions, Enduring Excellence

With 25+ years of expertise, Lion Garage Door pioneers quality in commercial-grade steel roll-up doors. Our mission: delivering high-quality, enduring solutions. Our vision: empowering spaces through innovative design and operational efficiency. Our values: excellence, customization, and continuous improvement. At Lion Garage Door, we transcend expectations, offering a spectrum of customization options like color variety, additional panels, and advanced accessories to meet the diverse needs of your facility. Choose Lion Garage Door for doors that redefine durability, style, and functionality, setting the standard for industry excellence.

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Our Product Range

Versatile Solutions: Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Doors

Customized Strength, Unmatched Performance

Explore our diverse roll-up door range at Lion Garage Door. From the efficient 650 Series to the robust 3100 Series, we offer tailored solutions for every requirement. Choose the strength that suits you โ€“ Light-Duty for versatility or Heavy-Duty for unparalleled resilience.

Light-Duty Roll-Up Doors

650 Series

Transform your building’s exterior and protect your assets with economically-efficient 650 Series steel-curtain roll-up door.

690 Series

When reliable performance in geographies often susceptible to high-wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes is required, the 690 Series is the optimal choice.

1950 Series

The 1950 Series commercial-style roll-up door utilizes 9 1/2″ drums instead of 12″ drums, which allows it to operate quietly and requires less headroom during installation.

2000 Series

The 2000 Series is the perfect door for light-duty applications that require frequent use.

Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Doors

1950HD Series

The 1950HD Series has deep engagement guides, ensuring superior durability and strong, long-lasting performance.

2500 Series

2500 Series is a heavy-duty sheet door suitable for warehouse and freight buildings.


3100 Series

Enduring strength against tornadoes and hurricanes, meeting coastal area building codes with minimal maintenance.”

Our Product Range

We Offer More Products

Commercial garage doors to improve efficiency, security, and curb appeal

Rolling service

Our overhead coiling doors are computer-engineered with time-proven principles and designs. Theyโ€™re built without shortcuts, giving you the guarantee of a high-performance overhead coiling door.

Counter Shutters

The 6500 series roll-up doors offer the best in security, flexibility, and appeal. Unique joint designs produce a flush curtain to achieve a seamless, clean appearance.

Rolling fire

Our roll-up fire doors meet all of your compliance needs, including practical drop testing and positive crisis response. And theyโ€™re guaranteed to provide you with reliable, predictable, and repeatable functionality.

Excellence in Every Detail

Dependable Solutions, Crafted with Precision

"Quality Steel Roll Up Doors"

At Lion Garage Door, our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that every steel roll-up door is a testament to durability and dependability. From the meticulous selection of materials to the precision in manufacturing, our doors are a symbol of excellence. Choose Lion Garage Door for doors that not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing a reliable and secure solution for your commercial or self-storage space.

Elevating Your Experience

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Needs

Lion Garage Door offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet your needs. From meticulous project services and facility maintenance to seamless installations and industry-leading warranties, our commitment is to elevate your experience at every step.

Services: Complete Solutions, Endless Possibilities

Project Services

With decades of experience in the field, Lion Garage Door is committed to supporting your storage initiative however possible.


Regardless of building size or complexity, Lion Garage Door provides reliable installation services tailored to your unique needs.

Facility Maintenance Services

At Lion garage Door, we understand that maintenance can be costly for facility owners. We also realize that proper upkeep and repairs are vital to your bottom line


We stand behind the quality and durability of every product and solution we provide. The proof of this is in our industry-leading warranties.

Industries Served : Tailored Solutions for Every Sector


Lion Garage Door commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors provide unmatched versatility and quality without sacrificing the appearance of your structure.


Lion Garage Door prioritizes economical solutions for self-storage, offering quality storage sheet roll-up doors and hallway systems tailored to small structures and facilities.


Our innovative and reliable door solutions deliver functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing results to your recreational project.

Freight and Warehousing

Lion Garage Door creates durable, high-performance warehouse roll-up doors tailored to industrial needs, combining reliability, affordability, and timely delivery.


The agriculture industry demands efficient, durable, and dependable roll-up door solutions; Lion Garage Door delivers tailored performance for modern agricultural needs


Our innovative and reliable door solutions deliver functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing results to your recreational project.

Why Us

Why Choose Lion Garage Door

Lion Garage Door offers unparalleled quality is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. With a variety of models, colors, and mounting options, we strive to provide the right door for any application, and back it with the best warranty available.

Lion Garage Roll Up Door Gallery

Explore Our Transformations

Welcome to our gallery, showcasing the incredible transformations that Lion Garage Roll Up Door can bring to your garage space. Browse through these images to get inspired for your own project.


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” I cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding service provided by Lion Garage Doors. As the manager of an express car wash, our overhead doors are absolutely crucial to our daily operations. When we needed hardware replacements, I turned to Lion Garage Doors, and they exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Jeffrey Terry.


” Service technician was friendly and very knowledgeable about garage door system. He also provided strong recommendations for moving forward with repair. Keep up the good work”

Davis Hill


” Great service! I want to emphasize GREAT SERVICE !!! Our garage door hung at an odd angle, one of the spring wheels totally unspooled. The door would not close. Darryl came to our house after 5:30 in the evening and fixed the door in short order for a reasonable price. This is GREAT service when service is not even on the radar for so many other companies.”

James Smith


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