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Elevate your garage living experience in Richmond with our garage door screens. Lion Garage Door Screens present the perfect solution to transform your garage into a versatile and comfortable space, providing a breath of fresh air while keeping pests and debris away.

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These days, more and more homeowners are turning to their garages to find additional space in their existing homes. The Lifestyle garage screen system allows homeowners to do just that! The Lifestyle is a fully retractable, spring loaded system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door. Going from garage to an airy, pest–free space is a snap and takes just seconds. When you are done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract the Lifestyle and put your garage door down as usual. It’s that easy!

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Many Sizes, Frame Colors & Screens Fabrics To Choose From, Custom Sizes Available

When in use, the Lifestyle screen occupies the same position as your primary garage door. No other garage screen system offers Lifestyle’s broad range of features and benefits. Bottom line is, your search for a garage screen system that will give you many years of trouble free service ends here. Lifestyle Screens is the only garage screen for you!

Fiberglass (charcoal)

Great choice for maximum airflow. Available in white and brown frame.

PVC Coated Polyester (white)

Maximum durability, privacy, pet resistant. Available in white frame & sandstone

PVC Coated Polyester (black)

Maximum durability, pet resistant. Available in white, brown and sandstone.

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There are a number of garage screen products on the market but none can compare to the durability and functionality of the Lifestyle Screen. Our frame is constructed of a 2” x 2” architectural grade aluminum with a baked on finish. The Lifestyle system runs on a maintenance free track system, independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks. The Lifestyle system is a fully spring loaded, counterbalanced system that makes raising and lowering nearly effortless. Lifestyle’s optional door-within-a-door feature allows for easy entry and exit.

WHY Lion Garage Door Scrren

With your new Lifestyle garage screen system, the possibilities are endless!

Our Garage Door Screens work with your existing garage door

Ultimate Man Cave

Party Room

Pet Zone

Hang out area

Home Gym

Play & Rec. Area

Arts & Craft Spot

Smoking Den

Auto repair shop

Typically, the garage is the largest “room” in the house. Lion Garage Door Screens helps you get more use out of this valuable space!

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Welcome to our gallery, showcasing the incredible transformations that Lion Garage Door Screens can bring to your garage space. Browse through these images to get inspired for your own project.

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A Closer Look at Our Garage Door Screens

Dive deeper into the myriad benefits of our garage door screens as we unveil their versatility and functionality. These screens are designed to enhance your garage’s utility, allowing you to create a bug-free oasis or a workspace that seamlessly merges the indoor and outdoor environments. Learn more about how Lion Garage Door Screens can redefine the way you use your garage space, offering increased comfort, convenience, and a connection to the great outdoors, all while maintaining security and protection from the elements.

How It Works (Inside)

How It Works (Outside)


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Discover how Lion Garage Door Screens has made a positive impact on the lives of our satisfied customers. Their stories highlight the difference our commitment to quality and exceptional service can make in your own garage door screen experience.
” Having the Lifestyle Screen installed on my garage gave me the option of now using my garage for entertaining without the bugs!”

Tylor S.


” I looked at all of the different products on the market for screening in my garage. Lifestyle Screens was the right choice for me (and my budget!)”

Simmons M.


“I use my Lifestyle Screen year around to help keep my home cooler.”

Mitchel M.


Questions / Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lion Garage Screen system.
There is a Limited Lifetime warranty covering the parts. Screen mesh is not included in the warranty. The manufacturer does not provide you with a warranty on labor, be sure to discuss this with your installer.
No. You will still use your garage door as you normally would. The Lifestyle garage screen system works in conjunction with your existing garage door allowing you to quickly switch between your garage door and your Lifestyle garage screen system. When in use, the Lifestyle garage screen exchanges positions with your garage door.
Yes, the Lifestyle system works with all wind loaded and hurrricane reinforced doors. However, if your garage door is reinforced with 6″ C-channels, you should discuss the changes necessary with your installer.
Yes, the retractable door can be fitted with a locking mechanism at an additional cost. Locking mechanisms are optional.
Currently, we have 6′ wide to 18′ wide models and 7′, 8′, 9′ and 10′ tall*. The frame is currently available in white, brown and sandstone. * 9′ and 10′ models available up to 16′ width only.
Currently, we have 6′ wide to 18′ wide models and 7′, 8′, 9′ and 10′ tall*. The frame is currently available in white, brown and sandstone. * 9′ and 10′ models available up to 16′ width only.
Yes, you will want to open your garage door, roll your Lifestyle garage screen down until it touches the floor, leaving it “kicked back” from the jamb. Then simply disconnect your garage door from the opener with the safety disconnect cord and gently roll the garage door down until it rests on the Lifestyle frame. (Please refer to the pictures to the side of this question.)
The Lifestyle Screen WILL work with a high lift garage door. However, the Lifestyle Screen will always store at the standard height. Please see the picture below of the Lifestyle Screen installed on a high lift garage door situation.

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Now you can go from garage to a cool, bright, pest-free space in seconds. When you’re done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract your Lifestyle garage screen system and close your garage door as usual. It’s just that easy!